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Bright Sky RO

Bright Sky Ro App Project financially supported by Vodafone Foundation Romania and implemented in partnership with Necuvinte Association, Code for Romania Association and The General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police Project value: 61.000 lei   What is Bright Sky RO? Bright Sky RO is the first mobile application, integrated database that contains all the necessary […]


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“Inequality through teenagers lens” Art Exhibition

“Inequality through teenagers lens” Project Project financed by France Embassy in Romania for GirlUp România Association in partnership with Necuvinte Association Total value of the project: 6.698, 56 Ron How do young Romanians relate to inequality? “The purpose of the exhibition ‘Inequality through the teenage lens’ is to answer this question, reflecting on the problems of today’s society, […]


What does it mean to be a woman?

A sensational campaign on the absurd criteria for assessing femininity and femininity. “Be a size zero, double zero, be nothing, be less than nothing!” A videoclip that should be seen again and again: Be a Lady They Said from Paul McLean on Vimeo.


Intersectionality in Romanian society

 Because we are working on the grassroots level, we need to identify the problems of some communities, so that we can come up with timely solutions. If you are a girl – or you know someone aged 18-30, from a disadvantaged background or you are a vulnerable group, prone to discrimination (you belong to a […]


Aggressor in church clothes

Necuvinte Association together with FONSS wrote multiple letters asking for immediate intervention to DGASPC Bacău, IPJ Bacău și Inspectoratul General al Poliției Române. When the aggressor is the priest Alexandru Palur, all the institutions forgive him, because he is a man and he had a bad day. Domestic violence is normalized and considered only “a […]


Law for psychological harassment in the workplace was passed!

The law on psychological harassment at work has been enacted. This means that as of today, Romania has the legislative framework to ensure the protection of employees against abuse. Psychological harassment is a widespread phenomenon in Romania. Behind this law are the stories of those who chose to talk about the traumatic experiences they go […]


318 NGOs ask for explanations from the Romanian Government

Open letter to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban To the attention of the PNL group leader from the Chamber of Deputies Florin Roman, to the senators and liberal deputies Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, 318 non-governmental organizations active in the field of child protection, assistance to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, human rights, independent or grouped […]