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“Broken Wings” national campaign

Necuvinte Association thanks Kaufland Romania for financing this campaign!   On the July 1, Necuvinte Association in partnership with the Romanian Police launched the first national campaign Broken Wings. The bedrock of this campaign is the “Broken Wings” documentary created with the support of Castel Film and the National Administration of Penitentiaries. The documentary presents the situation regarding […]


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Safety and trust in the act of Justice

In the atention of: Romanian Government, Mrs. Vasilica-Viorica DĂNCILĂ, Prime Minister Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Nicolae Liviu DRAGNEA, President Romanian Parliament, Senat, Mr. Călin POPESCU-TĂRICEANU, President Ministry of Justice, Mr. Tudorel TOADER, Minister Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mrs. Carmen Daniela DAN, Minister The supreme council of magistrates, Mrs. Simona Camelia MARCU, President Public […]


4 years together

I are celebrating 4 years of activity! We thank all those who have been with us in these years, volunteers, employees, partners and collaborators. There have been  4 intense years with many difficulties and achievements and we hope to have you with us from now on also with high impact new projects and campaigns. Dear partners, […]


Public Prize at the National Volunteer Gala

In 2017, our colleague Ana Maria Apopei coordinated the organisation’s volunteer team with much dedication and passion. It has contributed to the dynamics of the team and provided a new breath by constantly expanding the team. That is why we are very pleased with her achievement at the National Volunteer Gala. The Public Prize in […]


Dear Mrs. Aurelia Grațiela DRĂGHICI

We believe that this series of correspondence should not have been necessary between two partners, however, we consider that from these addresses we have cleared the misunderstandings that overshadowed the partnership of cooperation between us. Necuvinte Association answer to ANES letter no. 4626/SG/MC/12.11.2017 received today, 14.12.2017: Nr. 151/A.N./14.12.2017 National Agency for Equality between Women and […]



The National Caravan continued in Sibiu on December 7th in the conference hall of the Sibiu County Council starting from 2pm. The event was opened by Mrs Camelia Proca – representing Sibiu County Council and chaired by Simona Voicescu – executive director of the Association Necuvinte with Laura Vîlsan – director of DGASPC Sibiu, Stănculescu […]


International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

The word slavery (derived from the medieval Latin Slavicus) designates the human condition of people who work for a master without any remuneration and without having any rights over them self. Slavery must fulfill without disagreement or objection all the orders of the master, from birth or capture to death or release. From a historical […]


Happy National Day, România!

  Every year on December 1st, we promote outstanding female personalities in Romania. Given that women have not always had equal rights with men, they have fought to change the mentality of their time of life. Two of Romania’s remarkable women are Elena Caragini Stonesescu, the first Romanian to have obtained the pilot licence and […]