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Healthy relationships

Preventing sexual offences and recruitment of teenagers through online social networks project financially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands în Romania Project value: 13.988 Eur Within the project “Preventing sexual offences and recruitment of teenagers through online social networks“, Necuvinte Association în partnership with the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police and Olt County […]


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JYSK Romania, supporting partner!

In the almost 8 years of activity, we have gathered around us many close partners, who have stood by us, in prolific and difficult times, many volunteers and companies who know that their drop of good can turn into magic in the hands of a non-governmental organisations. Thus, the partnership between  JYSK România  and Asociatia […]


Mentoring sessions and exchange of best practices

Between September 01st – 03rd, Necuvinte Association was present in the Republic of Moldova at the invitation of  Centrul de Drept al Femeilor for a series of mentoring sessions and exchange of best practices between the two organisations. Centrul de Drept al Femeilor (CDF) is a non-governmental organisation registered in 2009. CDF was established by women lawyers […]


Training session for heads of public order offices

In the last 8 years, an important component of the activity of Necuvinte Association has been the participation through the organization’s experts in information and professional training courses for employees of the justice system. Continuing the training component for members of the justice system, the experts of the Necuvinte Association participated this week in two […]


Domestic and gender-based violence during the pandemic

At the invitation of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work from the University of Bucharest, old partners of  Necuvinte Association, on May 21, we participated in a course with first-year students on “Domestic and Gender Violence during the Pandemic.” 150 curious students delighted us with their desire to learn and better understand the mechanisms […]


Miezul problemei – Național TV

On Thursday, May 20, our colleague Simona Voicescu participated in the show “Miezul problemei” on Național TV, together with Mrs. Oana Bîzgan, former independent deputy, Mrs. Laura-Iuliana Scântei, PNL senator, president of the Senate Legal Commission and Mr. Professor Mircea Cosea. The show moderated by Denis Ciulinaru discussed the electronic monitoring system of aggressors to […]


Volunteering, the joy of getting involved

In our work, we rely heavily on the involvement of volunteers. Over the years, we are proud of volunteers who have been with us for years, they left with us from the first year of college and we accompanied each other until graduation and after, in life. We believe that our volunteers have become our […]