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Vorbește cu Angela/ Ask for Angela

On the 24th of February, during our national holiday of love, Dragobete, within Diverta Lipscani, Necuvinte Association in partnership with the General Direction of Bucharest Police, took place the launch of the prevention and awareness „Vorbește cu Angela” (Ask for Angela) campaign, which is at the moment a pilot project that is to be implemented […]


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We have to talk about the abuse of the state against its own citizens

The January edition of the WAVE Network‘s magazine, Fempower Magazine, called “Tackling violence against women in Europe − achievements of the last 25 years and future challenges”, which addresses gender-based violence from the perspective of social changed produced through activism, hosts an article written by our colleague, Monica Tudorache, with the title “Can activism wake up Romania?”. […]


The “Surorile Mirabal” Library

During the 16 days of activism for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, Necuvinte Association has created the “Surorile Mirabal” Library. Should you be curious to find out more about the life and courage of these three women, in the memory of whom United Nations has declared the 25th November […]


Gala of Excellence

On November 3rd, in Sibiu, took place the “Liberal women reward the excellence” Gala, an event which was meant to recognise the importance of women’s participation in the public and political life and to appreciate women’s performances. Along with the representatives of the civil society, there were also present the First Domain Carmen Iohannis and the President […]


Results of a gender-based discrimination and harassment survey

Necuvinte Association has conducted a survey in the month of August, 2019, in order to identify whether young girls are aware of notions such as gender-based discrimination and harassment, through applying an online questionnaire to 100 women, aged 18-30, who are currently or former students, from the urban areas. The answers to the question related […]


Dear Mr. Fifor, do you know what a reform means?

This letter was formally transmitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs on August 8, 2019. Dear Mr. Fifor, The events in Caracal, Olt County, although not unique, brought to the national attention the dysfunctions of the national system of intervention and protection of the citizen, victim of crimes, the endemic corruption of the Ministry of […]


Human trafficking during 2018

Our collegues from eLiberare have conducted a series of infographics based on statistics regarding human trafficking during 2018, with data gathered from Agenția Națională Împotriva Traficului de Persoane. Fundamental causes of human trafficking: poverty; lack of education; unemployment; gender inequality; corruption; discriminated ethnic groups. Human trafficking represents the “Recruitment, transportation, relocation, accommodation or the reception of persons, including […]